Elaya Christine
Intuitive Artist
Salutations, I am Elaya Christine and I am an Intuitive artist. What does that actually mean to me? Well its kind of like palm reading. I talk to a person who wants some art created by me and connect to them. I read them. Their soul, their energy, their vibe. I read what I can and I connect however I can then use that as inspiration for the artwork. I have experience of over a decade doing this kind of spiritual art. When I was little I was brought to spiritual gatherings where I was asked to sketch spirit guides for all these people because of the gifts I have. From there I have found a passion for creating artwork personal to people on a spiritual or emotional level. I also create artwork that is inspired from my heart. Artwork that is messages from my higher self and my soul. I have a deep passion to always bring out my inner truth. There is a warrior in me that just has to express the most important needs to humanity and this world. I will fight and stand up for the natural truth. If you look through my work it may feature nudity. The human body and the nature of the human body should be something we are aware of in the moment. I think people could be healthier and more intelligent as a whole if we could be more understanding and aware of our human bodies for a higher purpose. So my highest inspiration has always been the human body. My whole life I have studied and pictured the human body. Anatomy. My favorite thing to draw is the human body. I freehand imaginative artwork in my own way but I have independently studied biology. I try to use reference as little as possible. The connection I have with my heart could be called by many definitions. The soul. Source Creation. ect. I can only describe a little of what it is or what it feels like. I feel like it is my force of life. It is pure and it is naturally drawn to truth. So when I create from my heart the images I come up with are a reflection of some kind of inner truth. So I came up with a GasMasquerade(you might see it in my artwork as a signature or tag). It is rooted from the gas mask. As in a filter for air so that you can breathe freely. This was my chosen brand name for a while and so my Facebook page and Instagram have been tagged and formerly known as GasMasquerade. My beliefs are that there is corruption existing deeply in our society that brainwashes and dulls the senses. It has been integrated into our education, media, government, medical, and the food. This Gas Masquerade symbolizes the truth that I hold near to filter through the societal brainwashing. Those who join to fight for truth and freedom from suppression can admire and become part of my Gas Masquerade. I try to stay under the radar. I don’t physically defy and wreak havoc on the establishment. Instead I stand up for truth. I spread truth. I strategically place truth in the right places where it can be heard. I plant seeds. I use my art to visually inspire the truth in others. I fight the suppression by exposing the lies. Its not always beautiful. It can be frightening. It can be damaging. But the truth could mean saving a child. It could mean millions of people being freed from oppression. So I fight to bring it to the light for those with will to listen. The Masquerade is for those who are willing to bare the truth as armor and filter out the lies and corruption together. I draw mostly from my own imagination. It comes from my heart. However if I feature something I haven’t drawn before I look up a quick reference to make sure I am accurate to structure and features of a subject. I never use a photograph or art design exactly or take out a line or style directly. I study and draw it with my own angles and design shape. Reference is always used very loosing with only the purpose to bring accuracy in proportions or cultural appropriation. All that being said I have indeed done portraits before using references that I have permission to copy to my best accuracy. I only copy when I have permission. If i use any artist or photographer as inspiration I will credit them within reason. When I create art piece commissions or tattoo commissions I always remain owner of the rights to the design unless there is a contract signed otherwise by me. It is illegal to steal my artwork and make any kind of profit off of it. If you are curious about making an arrangement that you can use my artwork I am open to discuss negotiations but nothing is concrete unless there is legal documentation. If you violate any of my rights I will bring legal judgment and consequence down onto you. Always message me and ask questions first if you are to repost or use my artwork on something that I haven’t done so myself. If you try to recreate my art you must credit me. I have been creating artwork since I could hold a pencil. Please be respectful of my artwork and skill. I am okay with anyone’s opinion or point of view. Please feel free to me to express your truth that you feel comes from my art whether it is good or bad. Please feel free to share with me no matter how light or dark. I appreciate all points of view. Thank you for taking the time to read all of this. I appreciate you all. Much love and Good Vibes.
Portrait Drawings- colored pencil, ballpoint pen, watercolor, acrylic paint. Custom Composition Commission-colored pencil, /ballpoint pen, watercolor, acrylic paint.etc. Message me to request medium or custom canvas plus frame design. Tattoo Composition Design Ideas-This is not a professional tattoo design. This is a commission based design idea to use in collaboration with full permission to be used as a reference with a Professional Tattoo Artist. Intuitive Heart Drawings-These are drawing I do personally and freely from my own heart. I use varies media forms. I offer prints and stickers and things sometimes. Intuitive Art Readings-These are personal spirit guide readings. They are messages or images sent through my infinite connection to your infinite self.
Mediums and Materials Ballpoint Pen/dry ink Gel Pen Brush Pen Fountain Pen Liners Watercolor Colored Pencil Acrylic Paint Markers Digital art on iPad Pro
Elaya Christine Martin is engaged to Anthony S L Foster. They have known each other since 2009. They consider themselves husband and wife even though they are not legally. Their first born son is Atreyu S Leviathan Foster. Born 2015 Second born son in 2020 is Krimson Grim Foster.
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